Are you failing on a regular basis?

I hope you answered yes.

Because if you answered no, then it means you’re not trying hard enough. You’re not trying new things. You’re not pushing yourself. You may have even become complacent. So comfortable with where you are, that you’ve established a life of stasis.

Stasis is a state of inactivity, or equilibrium. If you find yourself waking up and just going through the motions, you’re in stasis. If you find yourself without a vision, without goals, without something you’re aching to do, then you’re in stasis. If you don’t have something burning inside you, you’re in stasis. If there’s no big problem you’re trying to work out, you’re in stasis.

These are the plateaus of life, and if you’re not careful, you can end up there for a very long time. In fact, some never escape.

But a life of equilibrium is one simultaneously devoid of all the ingredients that make life so exciting. The thrill of a new endeavor, the passion of committing yourself to a vision, the exuberance of accomplishing something you set out to achieve, and the personal growth that comes from the process of pushing yourself.

These are the emotions of those engaged in a great cause. This is the vista from the mountains of purpose.

People tend to view failure as weakness. But I think it’s the other way around. If struggles make you stronger, what does it mean if you’ve stopped struggling?

Failure is merely an indication that you’re struggling, progressing, and getting stronger. So stop worrying about your failures. Appreciate them for what they are, and enjoy the value of the lessons they hold.

Then get back up and keep moving.


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  1. Hannah L Migliavacca
    Hannah L Migliavacca says:

    Fuck STRUGGLES. I´m fed up of goals. I had my lot of that rat race. let me enjoy my fair share of stasis: DOLCE FAR NIENTE! Western mind is structured on competition…what´s the big difference after all? Winners and losers fall alike at the bottom line. like it or not the grave´s the common goal, and if there´s something else on the other side then what´s the point of all your present struggles? Gin & tonic, please. And no ice!


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