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Waiting for Superman – Premiers this week

The movie “Waiting for Superman” premiers this week in select cities. I’m gravely disappointed that none of those cities are near me. If you haven’t yet heard of Waiting for Superman, you can read more here, or view the official Waiting for Superman website here. In short, it’s a movie about how badly we’re failing […]

How great leaders inspire action – the golden circle.

The following TED talk, given by Simon Sinek, describes how it is that great leaders inspire action, why some people are able to achieve things, when others are not.  He explains the brilliant, biologically based “Golden Circle”, a new way of looking at how people approach what they do.  He also discusses the Law of […]

4 keys to boosting creativity

Creativity is an attribute that plays a substantial role in our ability to differentiate ourselves. In whatever you do, there’s a need to be creative. While certainly some people are more creative than others, there are a number of practical things we can do to increase our capacity to be creative. { I’ve temporarily removed […]