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Change your life by changing your thoughts

Want to change your future, change your life, reach your goals, then change your thoughts.Your mind is extraordinarily powerful.

Without even thinking about it, you breathe, digest, circulate blood, release endorphins, feel, hear, taste, and see.  All these things are processed instantly and automatically within your brain, with no apparent effort.  Enough processing occurs within your brain, and without your attention, to keep your body – the most complex creation on the planet – running smoothly.

What’s even more powerful and amazing though, are the impact of our conscious thoughts.  The ones we actually devote time and energy to.

Every dream that was ever realized… every invention that was ever created… every innovation, every milestone, every leap of any significance once originated as a simple thought.  A thought that was nurtured, and refined.

It has been said that we tend to move towards our most dominant thought pattern.  If those are primarily negative, then the direction our life inevitably turns the same direction.  There’s a reason the most successful people you meet are predominantly upbeat, optimistic, can-do kind of people.

The more positive you think, the more positive you feel.  The more positive you think and feel, the more inclined and motivated you are to act, create, improve, and change.

Indeed, thoughts are the seeds of action.  And actions are the seeds of our future.

Want to change your future?  Then change your thoughts.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Exactly! Thoughts are the seeds of actions. It is a scientific concept. That’s why I say politics only solves problems on the surface while science solves problems from the root.

    Actually, from the failure of the meeting in Copenhagen, I think the politicians’ are too selfish as well as short in view. They only think of their own benefits (even when they sometimes have threatened their people) and limit their view in present problems. Why should they limit the development of developing countries? It’s high time to take action to let every country step into a new era of science–we shouldn’t be merely solving humans’ own problems all the time! We’ve got missions, they universe needs us. God needs us.

  2. Satish Babu
    Satish Babu says:

    Thoughts are the seeds of actions, yes its true that it is a scientific fact. Apply this to life as an Art, my god I am foreseeing amazing results then :-)

    Thoughts emerge from the personality, intern they turn to actions.

    I am not sure wether “thoughts are the result of personality” or “thoughts decides the personality” ?
    Explanation will be much appreciated:-)


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