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Small and simple things


Mother Teresa, a truly inspiring woman who dedicated over 45 years of her life to ministering to the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying, while proselytizing Christianity, once offered the following words of wisdom:

“In this life we cannot do great things.  We can only do small things with great love.”

How very often we tend to look for the “grand plan”, the big things we can do to make a big difference, all while the small opportunities that are ever-present ever pass us by.  We look beyond the mark.

But big plans seldom work out, and big ideas seldom take off, whereas the little things, the more achievable things, the more straightforward things, the more immediate things, those things that are right in front of us, are those things that really matter and really move us forward.

It’s great to dream, it’s better to do.

After all, it’s usually the cumulative effect of so many little things, done persistently, and done well, that creates greatness.

“By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass.”  (Alma 37:6)

In our lives, whether in business or as parents, as we pay closer attention to making the most of the little opportunities that lie right in front of us, we will move naturally towards the dreams that matter most.


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  1. Terry Foraker
    Terry Foraker says:

    Thanks for this message–I find myself wondering more and more often what I can do to make my life “matter”. I see people at church who are really big on accomplishment, achieving, and “reaching one’s potential”, and I frankly don’t see much of any of those in my future; it helps me to remember that doing whatever I can, whether at work or at home, as far as I am able is an achievement. Just yesterday I read that whereas our society worships talent and worldly success, character (integrity, goodness, and yes, love) is far more important than outward signs of success.


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