The other day I had the opportunity to speak at my church’s stake conference (a large regional meeting of latter-day saints), and have since been frequently asked about the material I covered.

There are two resources I wanted to make available, the first is the downloadable pamphlet I spoke about called “Tips for Strengthening our Families”.

This covers much of the research regarding the impact of media on our families, as well as 101 (or more) suggestions and ideas about what to do when you turn off your TV (we got rid of ours entirely, and now don’t even own one).

Also available is the actual talk I gave. This is available in text format here, although since it’s been requested, I’ll likely make it available in video format soon.

Both of these resources are available at I’ll also be adding additional resources there regarding life-engineering for families.

For context for those who were not there, I spoke on the importance of strengthening our families, the foundational unit of our society. If you’ve read my “about me” page, you’ll know why I feel so strongly about this.

I outline three primary steps to strengthening your family:

  1. You’ll find your family when you lose yourself
  2. Fortify your family
  3. Be anxiously engaged

Within the “Fortify your family” section, I delve extensively into the importance of media moderation, and share some frightening statistics regarding the impact of media on our children.

There are obviously many more ways in which we can strengthen our families, and this page ( will become dedicated to exploring life-engineering principles centered around strengthening and building your family.

Each post/topic will be open for comments with the hope that many will choose to share their own ideas, what they’ve found works, and what doesn’t, what fears they have, and so that we all can engage in a constructive dialogue that will benefit all.


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