I was talking to a friend today about change, and how exciting it is when life forces it upon you (like when I was laid off for Christmas).

People often feel committed to a particular path, just because it’s what they’re used to, or because they’ve taken it for so long, or invested so much into it that it seems a shame to waste it all.

They’re so driven by the inertia of their past decisions that they neglect change that could greatly enrich their lives.

This is a psychological, decision-making error called “lock-in”.  Companies are guilty of this as well as individuals (if not more so).

That’s where the phrase “don’t throw good money after bad” comes from.  But “money” could be exchanged for “time”.

Wherever you’re at in life pick a destination you care about and chart a trajectory to get there.  Even if it’s a slow plan that will take a lot of time. What matters most is that you make a plan and start changing direction, even if just by degrees.

As you gain momentum, you’ll be happier, find more fulfillment, and be more successful.  Even if it takes a long time. Remember, success, like mastery, is an asymptote. But we should have the courage to free ourselves from our past, to move forward in life.