I stumbled on some images on worth1000.com that dramatically (and entertainingly) illustrate an important point…  the fact that we’re constantly being pulled to be someone we’re not.

Forces all around us make us think that we should be different, that we should change who we are, that we’re not good enough.

It applies to businesses as much as individuals.

We can (and should) strive to improve ourselves, but as I explain on my post about being remarkable, accept who you are, and focus on your strengths.

At this moment, is anything trying to pull you into being someone you’re not?  For in reality, the more you try to become someone you’re not, the sillier you look.

And many more… Click on each for a larger thumb, click again for the full picture.

These (and many more) can be found at www.worth1000.com in their full resolution.  Here’s a direct link to this particular contest.


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